Monday, June 17, 2013


As I write this post, I am heavily procrastinating studying for a test. So I find it oddly ironic that I'm preaching balance, when really, I hardly have any in my life. I feel like I go from one extreme to the next, causing tidal waves whichever I way I go.

I started work last week. It was hard for me to adjust to the schedule of working full time two days a week and part time for one, and on those days have to come home and workout. It's so much easier to just grab a to-go meal and lay in bed.

.....but we all know what the result of that was. I gained two pounds last week!

This week, I'd like to see the number 245 on the scale. I've been reaching for that number, standing on my tippy-toes but not quiteeeee making it.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, but I am determined to not let it get to me and to have everything under control.

Some things I've learned from working in an office 20 hours a week:

  1. Constantly sitting is really boring, and surprisingly tiring.
  2. It's important to have healthy snacks with you at all times or you WILL succumb to your neighboring vending machine. 
  3. It's not weird to bring lemons and some knives to work to help spice up your water. 
  4. It's so much easier to put on your workout clothes at work and just exercise at the staff gym. I have to drive home to get to the gym, and I always mange to convince myself that I'll just 'rest for a bit at home' and then come back. 
  5. I'm going to bring in green tea bags to have something to sip on besides water.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to use my lunch break to workout because I have to dash somewhere after work. I plan on doing a quick-but-vigorous 45 minute workout (30 minutes treadmill, 15 elliptical). Hopefully I can put myself back together enough to last the rest of the day. I don't wanna look a mess my second week at work!

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