Sunday, July 7, 2013

10 lbs

I've been a horrible blogger, horrible weight-loser, and a great excuse maker.

Over the past few weeks, not only have I not blogged, I lost track of my weight loss. I slipped up, never fully recovered, and am just now FINALLY back at where I started.

10 pounds down. It's the second week in JULY and I've only lost 10 pounds! I swear, it's like the scale won't let me go below 246.But honestly, I know it's all my fault and I have no one else to blame.

My eating habits never have been okay throughout this whole process. I constantly justify 'cheats', or little sweets, etc.!

I can't say there will be no more, but there will be LESS. I am striving for a whole week of clean eating with no cheating this week.

That, coupled with yoga and TRX classes should bring me down at least 2-3 lbs this week as well.

My goal for 7/14/2013 is to weigh 243 lbs.

1 comment:

  1. Esha, I know you can do it!! Just a few more weeks, give it all you've got! YOU ROCK!