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I've never been a good runner, though I want to be. I've always been inspired and motivated by runners and am on my journey to becoming one.

I've currently (re) started the C25K Program. I've downloaded the app on my iPhone, and that's what I use, but the link below takes you to the website to get more information.

Couch To 5K Running Program


Direction and guidance are much appreciated in the weight room, especially for a beginner like me. I'm currently following Jamie Eason's LiveFit 12 Week Program.

However, I am also keeping up with Cardio during Phase 1, even though she says not to. I enjoy my cardio and want to keep up with C25K while doing this program. I do the C25K and elliptical/spinning in the morning, for about an hour of cardio. In the evening I do LiveFit along with another half hour of cardio (elliptical/spinning) after weights.

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