Saturday, June 8, 2013

Healthy Fats vs. Bad Fats

Yesterday, my family made me go to the grocery store to get desert after dinner. I had about three different requests from 6 different people, and not one of them were healthy!

My mom requested a cheesecake, my sister a low calorie alternative, and my dad requested his trusty Pineapple Coconut Frozen Yogurt. Even with all these options, I still knew that nothing would fill me up and lessen my urge to want to eat the cheesecake (I really can't afford 27g of fat from one tiny piece).

I made the decision to buy some new peanut butter and chocolate chips and create a cookie dough oatmeal. It was FANTASTIC and I thoroughly enjoyed it -- probably enough to have it for breakfast this morning.

But while I was eating my peanut butter, my sister told me that PB had too many calories and fat and was not good for me at all. WRONG!!

There is a big, big difference between all types of fat.  

We need fatty acids and healthy fats in our diet to keep us going! I found this great article that really explains all the basic information that you need to know regarding fats, healthy fats, and what type of fats to avoid here 

Types of good fats:
  1. Monounsaturated: found in nuts, nut oils, avocado, olives, etc. 
  2. Polyunsaturated: found in fish (salmon is a good one), seeds and nuts, etc. 
Types of BAD fats:
  1. Saturated: found in high fat cuts of meat such as chicken with the skin on, beef, pork etc. 
  2. Trans: commercial and manufactured foods.  
  Therefore, on the REAL scale, my peanut butter is in the GOOD fat area of monounsaturated and cheesecake is probably in the trans fat scale. 

Oh, how I wish emoji's could be used everywhere!

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