Saturday, May 11, 2013


Since last Saturday, I have lost approximately 5.2 lbs. *ensue cheering*

I've gotten down to about 247-248, but never below. I'm hoping that by next week I can be near that mark, and surpass it the week after.

But my real progress marker lies not on the scale, but in my clothes.

I've always hated wearing jeans. When I hear the word, my mind immediately goes to the memories I have of me trying, yet ultimately failing, to suck in my stomach and get those jeans to button.

There's nothing more disheartening then having something not fit you. 

I remember always eyeballing the clothing I'd want to try on (what the hell, I still do this now) to see if it maaaybe it looks just baggy enough to fit over my body. But with jeans, it's the absolute worst.

Pick a size, any size. 

Chances are, I've tried it on. Like I said earlier, I've always been heavy-set. I remember weighing in at around 130-140 in the 3rd grade. Then, during 5th grade I started running with my dad. I'd just jog and jog and jog and somehow, around the beginning of 6th grade I'd whittled my way down to a size 11 in pants.

I remember this distinctly because we'd gone over to Macy's with my mom and aunt, and I asked my mom what size to try on. She told me to grab a 14, and for the first time in my life, something was too big for me. It was such a liberating feeling. 

Unfortunately, it didn't last long and by the end of 6th grade, those size 11 pants were too tight for me to even pull up.

My point in all this is, I really don't care what I weigh-in at. I care what clothes fit me. 

With that, I'd like to introduce my lovely red pants. I went to Old Navy (probably the only place on earth that allows me to squeeeeze my way into my size 18 pants, and allow me to deny that I need to go to the plus-size section of anywhere) last summer and purchased two pairs of pants. One pair of blue jeans, and one pair of red.

Though these pants have always been a little bit snug, and button just below the waist, my goal is to have them fit properly just in time for my first day of work on June 10. 

With this, I introduce to you my red pants!

 After I hit the 10 pound mark on the scale, I'm going to try these on again in the hopes that they fit somewhat better.

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