Friday, May 17, 2013


1 little, 2 little, 3 little calories . .

I've been counting calories for the past couple years on and off again. I've lost weight on it, but this time, I'm doing it to gain a sense of portion control.

In my family, food is served with a free (and heavy) hand. It's a synonym for love, comfort, and joy. If I was feeling sad, my grandpa would give me some ice-cream. Happy? A warm bowl of spaghetti always made my heart soar with joy. Food was it's own emotion in my life, and I see that philosophy carry over into my adulthood.

When I had a bad day or felt stressed, I'd seek out that doughnut or piece of tiramisu cake with vigor. I'd sit on the counter, legs swinging and eat away my feelings. I could trust that food more than I could trust life itself. Of course, I'd notice (and effectively block out) how my school uniform slowly stopped fitting, and how sucking in my stomach simply wouldn't make that zipper budge.

Food is my friend.

I truly, sincerely, even to this day, believe that.

So, I'm working on viewing food the same way we did long, long, loooong ago. I want to eat to live, I don't want to live to eat.

I think maintaining a healthy relationship with food will be one of the most powerful tools I can acquire for myself.

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